Woollen spinning mill, high specialized in pure cashmere, pure wool, cashmere blends, angora and other noble fibers blends yarns.
These items are entirely produced inside the main structure or by our sister companies SAFIC
We believe that this is the more important step of the production and, at this reason, we have innovated and modified our equipment in order to achieve the best results.


Yarn Finishing and quality control.
the final step of production is of major importance to improve the quality of the product.
For this reason New Mill decided to create an high specialized internal department completely dedicated to the quality check on every singol step: winding, steaming, authomatic boxing.
Quality control is carried out by our internal structure that is in charge of the several quality checks, divided in specific laboratories, according to the different production's phases.


Raw material and stock service.
Raw materials coming in big quantities from Australia, China, Mongolia, South-America and South-Africa are stocked and divided according to their pureness and fiber micronage.
After the spinning process yarn boxes are separately stocked in the warehouse: they are available to be sold from our "Stock-Service" which means our products are ready to satisfy our customers requests.

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